Measles, vaccines, and local daycares

Some national daycare chains are requiring workers be vaccinated for measles as cases continue to pop up across the country.

As of January 30th, there have been 102 measles cases in 14 states, including Illinois.

Local daycare facilities are reminding parents of their strict vaccine policies.

To a child, there is no place quite like Robin’s Nest Learning Center.

It is full of toys and friends…and germs.

That is why assistant director Angela Musial is passing out hand-outs to parents reminding them how easily measles can spread.

“Measles can cause severe health complications causing pneumonia and death,” said Musial.

All of the children at Robin’s Nest are required to be vaccinated within 30 days of coming to day care.

Musial says the only exceptions to this would be religious reasons or allergic reactions to the vaccine called MMR.

“When we send out the birthday card, we also send out a new medical form that requires when they get their new shots,” said Musial.

Registered Nurse Leah Van Ham says the measles symptoms are sneaky.

“It’s a cough, a runny nose, red, water eyes, high fever, that sounds a whole lot like flu, severe cold, allergies,” said Van Ham.

She says to monitor those signs in your child.

She says measles is preventable and suggests that every parent vaccinate their children.

“Most children, on or after their first birthday will get their first MMR,” said Van Ham.

That way, by the time they leave Robin’s Nest, they have had their booster and are ready to take on kindergarten.

Most adults born before 1957 are immune to measles, and most born after ’57 have been vaccinated.

If you have not been vaccinated yet, visit your local health department, because you can pass the disease to children.

Measles is airborne and highly contagious.

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