Tax reduction could close areas newest school

Students in the Shawnee school district may be forced to head to other schools as a multi-million dollar budget crunch is threatening to close the area’s newest school.

When the new Shawnee School opened in October, Angela Derossett says it was a blessing for her daughter.

“The computer systems that they have are all new and upgraded, and the library is amazing, and it’s more convenient too if something happens and I have to go get her,” said Angela Derossett.

More than 400 students attend the brand new Shawnee School which could be forced to close their doors just four months after opening due to a $90 million tax reduction request by the local power plant.

“We can’t afford to stay open we would be able to stay open for a year,” said Superintendent Shelly Clover-Hill.

“That would be devastating for my daughter in particular, but it would be devastating for me too,” said Derossett.

The closure would send ripples across the 400 square mile district, which has become the hub of this rural community.

“Ball games, reading nights, dance routines, music programs, we are the hub of these three counties,” said Clover-Hill. “We understand the importance we’ve been here over 70 years don’t plan on going anywhere.”

There will be a school board meeting on February 17th to discuss the options that the Shawnee School District has as they prepare for the Jackson County Board of Review meeting on the 22nd where up to $1.85 million of their budget could be cut.

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