More adults getting vaccinated against measles

Two more measles cases have been confirmed in the Chicago area, both in children who were exposed at a daycare.

While it is important to have your children vaccinated, that does not mean adults can put their health on the back-burner.

Measles has spread to 17 states and Washington DC.

On Tuesday, senators on Capitol Hill heard from health experts on the importance of preventative medicine.

“The purpose of this hearing is to examine what is standing between healthy children and deadly diseases. It ought to be vaccinations but too many parents are turning away from sound science. Sound science is this, vaccines save lives,” said Tennessee State Senator Lamar Alexander.

A vile of the MMR vaccine was prepared for Saad Binsefran while he filled out a bit of paper work.

Binsefran is a young adult, born well after 1957, meaning he does not have immunity like his parents might.

“They should have been introduced to the measles disease, so therefore, their bodies would have built up an immunity against it,” said RN Marilyn Twitty.

Twitty says measles is airborne and can stay alive and well anywhere for nearly two hours.

Complications to the MMR vaccine are very rare and very mild.

It is possible you could experience a low-grade fever, swollen glands or joint pain.

“As opposed to getting the disease itself, you can run into hearing loss, pneumonia, and death,” said Twitty.

Bisenfran says he is not risking any of those complications for something that can be avoided with a shot and band-aid.

Adult students or people who travel internationally need a higher dosage of the MMR vaccine.

Those people will be required to come in for two shots, six months apart.

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