I Am Local 6: Julia Hill, Violinogram

Valentines Day is about showing those you love how much you care.  There’s a unique way to show your love instead of the traditional chocolates and roses.  When that knock comes at your door, it may professional musician, Julia Hill.

“I show up and play three musical selections for your loved one,” said Hill.

When Hill is not performing with the Paducah Symphony Orchestra, she delivers Violinograms.  Villa Aschenbrenner received a gift from her husband.  Hill performed the songs in Aschenbrenner’s living room.

“I was in shock,” said Aschenbrenner.

Hill takes requests, too.

“If there is a song that I don’t know, I can learn it,” said Hill.

“When I was younger and “Piano Man” by Billy Joel first came out, I had that record, and I played that, I don’t know how many times, and I never could learn the words,” said Aschenbrenner.

Hill plays three songs of your choosing or from her repertoire. You loved one will also receive a rose or a balloon.  Hill will travel.

“Up to maybe 45 minutes, so I have someone booked in Illinois, someone booked in Calvert City and Murray so I am willing to travel,” said Hill.

A different way to show your love for the person that makes you heart sing.

Hill does deliver Violinograms for any special occasion, not just Valentine’s Day.  For more information you may visit, Julia Hill’s Violinogram page on Facebook by clicking here.

If you know of someone who puts a new twist on an otherwise traditional holiday, you may contact Tori Shaw at tshaw@wpsdlocal6.com.  Shaw is on Facebook and Twitter.

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