Liaison plans expansion using local grads

A college degree can lead to higher earnings down the road, but on average it takes about nine months after college to find that first job which is why nearly 48% of grads end up moving home. That could be your child’s key to snagging a job with one of the country’s fastest growing companies.

“The one thing we produce in Carbondale at Southern Illinois University is skilled labor,” said Jackson Growth Alliance Director Jeff Doherty. “People are graduating with degrees and all too often they have to go elsewhere for employment.”

By tapping into SIU’s local graduate pool, data management company Liaison Technology has grown ten fold in just five years.

“We started with five people and today we’re over 50, and we have a goal to add about 20 in the next 45 days,” said Bonnie Kutcharski.

“We are recruiting here at SIU, and we’re looking at some of the other universities here in the area, as well as someone who has sold for years before,” said Larry Mieldezis.

By hiring local graduates Liaison employees are able to hit the ground running. After completing their training course employees at Liaison can make up to $50,000.

“If I had 100 applicants walk in the door tomorrow that were qualified and could do what we’re looking for them to do I would hire all 100 of them,” said Kutcharski.

The data management industry continues to grow Liaison plans to add more jobs, and show the world what local graduates can offer.

Liaison will be holding a job fair on Tuesday, February 17th, at the Dunn-Richmond Center on SIU’s campus.

All you need is a resume and to be dressed to receive an interview.

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