Man personally tackling a trash problem

Driving into Weakley County, Tennessee, David Hawks says it’s easy to see the problem. Trash is piling up along the road. 

Hawks lives along Highway 127 and trash ends up in his yard. He is so fed up, he first went to the Tennessee State Highway Department. They put up a new sign warning drivers of a potential $3,000 fine for littering. That gave Hawks an idea. He went to his local sign shop and had his own signs made, eight so far. 

“Please Stop Littering” they say in bright red letters.

“Everybody that I asked to put up a sign in their front yard thanked me greatly,” said Hawks. 

Barbara Martin is just one of those people. She said she can pick up trash every day and never have a completely clean yard. She’s glad to have someone so passionate about cleaning up the community. Both hope the signs work to slow the problem down. 

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