Craft brewing, distilling boom

On the precipice of a new frontier, new businesses are popping up in Paducah and they’re catering a special kind of craft.

Many are already familiar with the arts district in Paducah, but the craft that continues to pop up is a different kind of craft, craft breweries.

One of Paducah’s newest businesses opened to the public on Friday. Dry Grounds Brewing Company opened in the old Coke plant, taking Paducah one step towards what seems like a craft brewery boom.

Those who distill and brew say it’s more than a hobby. It’s a craft which is making more and more people choose Paducah as a destination stop as opposed to passing through.

Paducah Beer Werks owner, Todd Blume is a month from opening, but says brewing does more than result in beer. He says, “It’s kind of bringing the community together and it’s one of the great things about craft brewing.” He, like the other local brewers and distillers saw the potential in Paducah.

Billy Bivens of Paducah Distilled Spirits says, “We have a lot of young people coming in now where 10 years ago people didn’t have any idea what it was.”

Dry Grounds Brewing Company owner, Ed Musselman says the trade is now taking hold as one of the newer crafts continue to boom. Musselman says, “Paducah sets up as the perfect brewery town and was absent of a brewery.”

In terms of licensing, microbreweries first license through the state. Once that is approved, they have to meet certain city requirements and pay for a city license as well. But the city has no cap on the number of microbrewery licenses they can hand out.

All craft spirits and brews are made on site.

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