Valentine’s for veterans

A group of McNabb Elementary School students made Valentine’s cards for local veterans.

Guidance counselor Rona Knox says this was their first time to send the cards domestically.

In previous years they have shipped them overseas.

“It’s Valentine’s Day and so that’s a day to show love and so we’re taking the time out to show that love for our soldiers and to show them that we appreciate them,” said Knox.

A Paducah man took those letters and made the hour-long journey to the Marion VA on Friday and hand-delivered them to World War II veterans in the hospital.

Jim Vance traveled down the hall and up the elevator with a box full of 250 letters, all made with love.

“My name is Jim Vance, I’m an old, retired Marine, how are you?,” he said as he delivered a handful of valentines.

Elementary students learned the meaning of gratitude and used their crayons to express it.

In between reading valentines aloud to the men who went before him, there were war stories.

“Dear Soldier, thank you for your fighting for our country,” read one student’s letter.

The veterans in that room may have fought in different wars, in different decades, but Vance says in the VA, they are all brothers.

“It don’t make no difference if he’s 90 years old and I’m 20 years old, Seabees and Marines click. Most military guys just click,” said Vance.

Clark Elementary students also added about 50 cards for the Marion VA.

If you want to send one yourself, you can bring them to the main entrance of the VA hospital.

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