Possible winter storm driving conditions

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Crews are on standby ready to sweep snow off the roads as soon as about three-fourths of an inch accumulates.

Crews pretreated most highways across our area which will help during the start of the winter storm. Spokesman Keith Todd is asking drivers to limit any unnecessary travel overnight and Monday.

“Be fully prepared for the extreme cold temperatures, you’re going to be facing any time you venture out, and that includes whether you’re traveling across country or whether you’re traveling a few blocks to the grocery,” Todd said.

Todd said the low temperatures can create extra risks on the road.

“We are probably going to have a light, fluffy snow, and if there is any wind at all that provides the opportunity for drifting,” Todd said.

The low temps also mean the road pretreatment won’t be as effective.

“Once we get below 18 degrees, salt and ice fighting chemicals just don’t have the impact that they do when you get above 20 degrees,”Todd said.

Todd explained that the salt doesn’t work as well when the temperatures get too low because there is not enough heat to create a chemical reaction. So the salt just sticks to the ground instead of spreading around and mixing with the ice and snow. 

He said because of the magnitude of this event, it’ll probably be a day or so before they can work on rural roads or ‘C’ routes with any regularity. Highways and heavy traffic areas will be their first priority.

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