Local coffee shop caters to first responders and snow removal crews

A hand full of local businesses did open their doors Monday to provide goods and services for people who were brave enough to venture out, or who didn’t have the option to stay in. A store in downtown Paducah, though, did open to provide the essentials- milk, bread, and coffee.

The baristas were busy at Etcetera Coffeehouse Monday morning, whipping up steaming hot cups of coffee for their customers. Some people came in to cure their cabin fever, others stopped for a quick pick-me-up on their way out of town, but the coffee shop decided to cater to emergency workers and street-clearing crews by making their orders free of charge.

Barista Pumps Raye said, “We wanted to be a place where they can come in, warm up, and get something to help them get going to the streets and give them a boost of energy for the day. We respect them for everything they do, especially the sacrifice for working on a holiday too.”

Etcetera closed early Monday, but they do plan to open for regular business hours on Tuesday.

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