Marine spends day helping stranded drivers

It’s possible you ended up stuck in snowy conditions Monday. A lucky few were spotted by Staff Sgt. Christopher Jaemison of the U.S. Marine Corps. He took his wife to work Monday morning, saw a need, and spent the rest of the day helping stranded drivers.

“I can pull ya’ out if you want me to,” Staff Sgt. Jaemison told a driver, stuck at the bottom of a driveway on Jackson Street.

He hooked a strap to the car, then to his truck and pulled, eventually freeing the driver.

“A lot of people needed help today,” Staff Sgt. Jaemison told Local 6. “I’d say right now, my total’s about 23 people.”

Local 6 Photojournalist Michael Bradford rod along with Staff Sgt. Jaemison, as he spotted drivers in need.

“Yeah, he’s stuck,” he said, spotting another stranded driver, then turning around to help. “A good deed.”

The worst situation he saw Monday was an elderly woman, stuck in a ditch near West Kentucky Community and Technical College.

“She went into a ditch, and she just decided she was gonna’ stay there,” said Staff Sgt. Jaemison, who was able to pull her out and send her on her way.

You might be wondering why he spent his day out in the snowy, slippery, even dangerous conditions? The answer is a simple one in his book.

“Hopin’ that if someone saw my wife and child on the side of the road, struggling, that they would stop and help them out too,” Staff Sgt. Jaemison explained.

He had just one request of those he helped. 

“Hey man, I really appreciate it,” one driver told him.

“Pay it forward, alright?” Staff Sgt. Jaemison asked.

“I will,” said the driver.

“Just helping people out,” Staff Sgt. Jaemison said. “No one ever told me that was wrong.”

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