Snow removal starts for local businesses

Before businesses can open back up, they have to clear out parking spots for their customers. Most of the stores off Hinkleville Road in Paducah have at least started the snow removal process. The people behind the plows said it’s a touch job, but somebody has to do it.

Johnny Day specializes in making mountains out of molehills. “I got here at 9 with the tractor,” he said. The early start turned into an uphill battle as time went on. Day said, “It’s harder and harder to get it finished, because it’s still snowing.”

The parking lot at Kentucky Oaks Mall will take hours to clear in the cold, but the operation set up at Backyard Burger is slightly more sophisticated. “The hydraulic wings, the downward pressure… It’s just overall just a good plow,” said Chris Kinsey with Kinsey’s Lawn and Landscape. He uses a wireless remote to make his mountains from the comfort of a warm truck cab. “That’s why I say it’s the best of the best right here.”

Kinsey said his two crews should complete about 10 to 15 commercial parking lots a day. It’s business he said he was waiting for all winter. “Probably won’t give it up until about three in the morning,” he said.

Snow removal crews typically get one day of business for every inch of snow that falls. Some crews work between 20 to 22 hour shifts to help get businesses back open after winter storms.



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