Winter snow: Drivers seek help from others to dig out

Rope, gas and a prayer were all David Finke and his PEBCO co-workers needed Monday afternoon.

“A lot of snow, a lot of people stuck,” Finke said.

After a brief tug, the tires of a multi-passenger van were able to break free from the pile of snow that surrounded it since this morning.  Finke said its been a constant struggle with Mother Nature.

“We had a lady drive in this morning and people, she got stuck twice and people helped her keep going and pushed,” Finke said.

For those who don’t want to unearth their cars, Nicole Doran has you covered.  She’s the owner of Chiz Cabz and took more than 100 calls Monday for people wanting a ride.

“The bulk of it hit when people woke up,” Doran said.

The first priority are for people getting to and from work.  She said some of our areas largest employers are taking advantage.

“Western Baptist, Lourdes, the Surgery Center.  A lot of those, so they are paying for their people,” she said.  

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