Digging out can be dangerous

The average shovel full of snow can weigh between 7 and 15 pounds, which is why digging out to clear driveways and sidewalks can be dangerous to some. 

Most people are not used to the moderate exercise and coupled with the cold temperatures, people are at risk of heart related problems or back injuries.

LaRoyce Flemons was on his third driveway Tuesday when he stopped to talk to Local 6. She said he tried to help his older neighbors so they don’t have to get out and possibly get hurt.

“It’s just a lot of it,” he said. “It’s a lot of it and with it being fluffy, a lot of people put down salt and stuff prior to it snowing and the bottom turned into ice, you know?”

Quentin Bailey had to dig out his truck twice, once from the driveway and once on the street after the plows came by.

Both said they took lots of breaks and didn’t get in a rush.

To help reduce the chance of getting hurt, try pushing show to the end of the pavement rather than picking up each shovelful and throwing it.  

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