Jury begins deliberations in Keith Griffith trial

The man accused of shooting and killing his wife, then burning their house last year is now awaiting his fate.

The last thing the jury heard before they left to deliberate were the closing arguments from the defense and prosecution.

Defense attorney Mark Bryant said Keith Griffith isn’t capable of murder because he loved is wife, but the state told the jury he is a cold-blooded killer who executed his wife of 36 years because he had a clear motive.

In his closing arguments, Bryant asked the jury to not guess whether Griffith did it. Bryant called out the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office for arresting and charging Griffith so quickly.

“I think that this was a shoddy investigation. It was a rush judgement,” said Bryant. He went on to say there is not a single piece of evidence that puts Griffith at his home the night his wife Julie died.

“There is no proof in my opinion as a lawyer of many, many years now that Keith Griffith murdered his wife,” said Bryant. He also narrowed in on Deanna Cloe’s testimony, trying to discredit her story of just wanting to be Griffith’s friend.

“It tells me she’s just a prostitute for hire, except she takes the money and she doesn’t do anything in return,” said Bryant.

Assistant commonwealth attorney Raymond McGee told the jury Griffith is a liar and a cheat. “Why would an innocent man need to lie?” asked McGee.

McGee says Griffith’s motive to kill was lust and greed, and that the defense’s argument that Griffith was a loving husband is all deception. “To create this mirage of a great marriage, but the truth is, this man was anything but a good husband,” said McGee.

He urged the jury to find only one solution to this case, that Griffith is guilty of executing his wife and setting her on fire. “There’s one thing Griffith can’t control, his deception can’t control your decision,” said McGee.

The jury had a question about seeing the transcript of Griffith’s interview with detectives, but there is no transcript only a video. They also asked to see pictures of Griffith’s SUV but we don’t know the purpose of that request.

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