Road crews still working on removing snow

It may have been smooth sailing on the roads on Wednesday, but with another round of winter weather, road crews will continue to work around the clock until the temperature gets above freezing.  

Outside the Miller household in Carterville, Illinois it has been a combination of work and play, shoveling and snow-ball fighting.

But on Sunday, David Miller was braving the interstate and said it was nothing short of a horror story.

“The rain, as it fell, was instantly turning to ice,” said Miller. 

The snow took a break on Wednesday which gave road crews time to make some headway.

“The roads here are completely clear,” said Miller.

Williamson County Engineer Greg Smothers said his crew is getting a head start before another round of weather rolls in.

“We’re trying to get back out to some of our asphalts and our intersections and hills and things like that and hit them again,” said Smothers.

All of this work is hard on equipment; the plows took a beating in just two days.

“The metal gets brittle. We’ve had some welds give in some spots and we’ve had to make some repairs,” said Smothers. 

But there is no rest for the weary; the plows are the only thing that get the job done when it is that cold outside.

“You get into that 17-18 degree range and it’s hard for salt to be very effective,” said Smothers.

That means more repairs, more plowing and more shoveling at the Miller household. 

Counties paid two times as much for de-icing salt this year, compared to last.

For Williamson County, the cost was upwards of $60,000.

The County Engineer says the longer they can make the salt stretch, the better, because the price is expected to go up even more next year.    

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