Bye week comes at the right time for Murray State

Over the last several week’s, the Murray State Racers have been dealing with the flu, cramps, and other things that come with a long 30 game regular season. That is why their current bye week has come at the right time.

“Coach Prohm told us that during this bye we should be smart and rest our bodies and relax,” said senior guard TJ Sapp. 

For Coach Prohm, it has meant a chance to focus on other aspects of his job.

“It is hard to get out of town after practice,” Prohm said. “The bye week gives me a chance to get two day’s of recruiting in.”

The players themselves had Sunday and Monday off, giving them back to back off days for the first time since Christmas. But despite that down time, most of the players still found themselves in the gym.

“Even with the snow they were still in the gym on their own,” said Prohm. “That is good when they are staying after it.”

“We probably took a little time off,” Sapp said. “But most of the time we were in the gym getting up shots or some type of work.”

That is because the Racers know now more than ever that they have a target on their backs as they seek a perfect conference record.

“Teams are not trying to let us sweep the OVC,” said Sapp. “We have to be prepared, ready, and have the proper rest before we battle against everyone else.”

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