Circumstantial evidence deadlocked jury in Keith Griffith trial

A question about circumstantial evidence in the Keith Griffith trial likely resulted in a deadlock.

“The question I’ve been given is does circumstantial evidence carry the same weight as concrete or direct evidence?” said Judge Tim Kaltenbach.  Legally, he couldn’t give them an answer.

Marshall County attorney Don Thomas said the jury had a tough task, considering it was a death penalty case.

“That heightens that sense of evidence.  The beyond a reasonable doubt – it puts the jury in an immensely tough position,” Thomas said.

Thomas, a former district judge, said the case was full of circumstantial evidence which could have made it harder for a conviction.  “Clearly, this was a case where you didn’t have, I think the defense said you didn’t have the DNA, you didn’t have the murder weapon,” Thomas said.

Evan Smith, a former juror, posted on our Facebook page, “Of course, certain assumptions can be made, but, for some, not when dealing with a man’s life. People were not budging in their judgement.”

Thomas said the 8 to 4 vote for conviction could be good news for prosecutors because that means more people didn’t believe Griffith’s story.  “8 to 4.  I think that tells the prosecutor, we need to try this again and we need to have another jury and that’s probably what’s going to happen,” Thomas said.

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