Paducah asks residents to clear storm drains of snow

The concern with the next round of winter weather is not just dangerous temperatures and icy roads, but flooding.

Paducah is prepping for rain, and lots of it, this weekend.

That could mean standing water, even in places that aren’t typically prone to flooding.

When the heavy rain comes, one of three things will happen: the snow could absorb some of the rain, which would be good news for the roads, but bad news for your roof.  Or, the snow could melt gradually with the rain and drain overtime. The last, most likely scenario is that the rain could create an icy crust over the snow making it impossible for water to escape.

On Thursday Paducah streets were dry.

Chris Dumas has lived in his quiet neighborhood for 19 years and in that time has seen plenty of floods.

He can tell you exactly where his neighborhood drains are.

“You got one here by the pole, there’s one over there by the tree,” said Dumas.

Paducah Public Works Director Rick Murphy says most everyone can point the drains out. 

“If you live in a home anywhere in town you know where these inlets are because typically as you rake your leaves or clean your yard you see them,” said Murphy.

People can point them out when they are not hidden, but when they are covered in snow, they are harder to see and that is bad news when downpours are predicted. 

The city is asking for the public’s help.

“Shovel that out storm water will have a better possibility of getting in there,” said Murphy. 

Dumas says he is willing to shovel his drains to avoid a mess in his quiet Paducah neighborhood.

The city does not have enough man power, or the time, to get all of these drains shoveled out before the big rain comes.

Murphy told Local 6 that if everyone shovels the drain by their house, they would all be clear in an hour.

The city has prepared for the worst.

There are trucks are barricades on standby ready to block off roads completely if need be.

Be sure to pay attention to road advisories and weather updates on our webchannel.

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