Mistrial declared in Keith Griffith murder trial

It is back to the drawing board for the Commonwealth’s attorney and Keith Griffith’s defense team.  After six hours of deliberations, a mistrial was declared in the case.

The state will likely retry the case because there is a preliminary hearing on March 12 at 9am.  Judge Tim Kaltenbach will also consider a bond reduction for Griffith because his attorney Mark Bryant told Local 6 he plans to file a motion to seek a reduction.

Griffith is currently being held on a $1,000,000 bond and will remain in jail until his bond is paid.  Bryant is asking for a reduction to $100,000.

None of the 12 jurors wanted to talk to Local 6 about their decision about not reaching a unanimous decision.

Bryant thanked the jury for their time and said, “We’ve spent a lot of hard work on this. We’ve put all we got into it and of course as you saw the prosecutors office will do the very same thing. So, they feel strongly about it as we do and they’re good lawyers, good guys but nonetheless we have a differing opinion.”

No one from the Commonwealth’s office wanted to talk to Local 6 about the jury’s decision.

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