Volunteers clear sidewalks for elderly, disabled

The snow that has blanketed our area over the past week has kept the elderly and disabled shut inside and in some cases forced them to miss appointments, but one man is using social media to help pick up the slack.

Since Mother Nature covered our area in snow Ron Perry has had the same daily routine.

“After that first snow came in my brother and I finished shoveling my driveway and kind of looked at each other and said ‘do you want to keep going?'”

Perry took to social media asking if anybody in the area needed help, and hasn’t stopped shoveling since.

“We got some responses and had some friends from out of town that are from West Frankfort that asked if we could go check on their grandma or grandpa or my neighbor could use some help,” said Perry. “It just kind of snowballed from there.”

As Perry’s work to help more of the areas elderly and disabled spread, so did the amount of volunteers.

Conaughty Ace Hardware donated shovels, and Amy Schuessler and her husband donated their time for a good cause.

“They don’t have anybody else to help them,” said Amy Schuessler. “We go and we salt grandma’s walkway, or salt their ramp so I know the importance of it. If there is an emergency, emergency personnel can’t get in to help them if there is ice and snow on the ramp.”

Just as there has been no shortage of work, there has also been no shortage of thanks.

“It’s usually two things, how much do I owe you, and it’s like no but if you want to make a donation pick your favorite church,” said Perry. “Secondly, its God bless you, and that’s kind of nice.”

If you have a friend or family member in the West Frankfort area who may need help shoveling their sidewalk or driveway Perry is still taking requests, which you can make by clicking here. 

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