Eating more when it’s cold

If you have felt hungrier lately, you are not the only one.

It is true, we eat more when it is cold outside.

In fact, you will gain an average of two pounds every winter and if you are already overweight, you will most likely gain even more and are less likely to lose it.

It is not cold inside Mary Lou’s Grill in Carbondale, Illinois.

The grill has been heating up the good stuff since owner Marilynn Martin was a kid.

“Well, my mother started it back in 1962, I was four years old,” said Martin.

She serves up the classics and on most days, it is hard to find a bar stool.

Everyone has their favorites.

“I came for biscuits and gravy this morning, but I was too late,” said Parts Vancil.

So, he settled for the coconut cream pie.

Doctor say we tend to eat more when it is cold out, and there are reasons why.

Jennifer Nance with the Jackson County Health Department says seasonal depression plays a role.

“We’re typically inside more, it gets dark early, we don’t have the opportunity to go outside and play and be active and we’re just kind of bored,” said Nance.

But will the threat of a little extra weight inspire us to put down the fork?

Experts say to fight winter weight, the same rules apply: eat less and even more importantly, be more active.

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