Emergency mgmt. prepares for varying winter weather

The additional round of winter weather we’ve been warning you about all week is here. We’ve seen it all – rain, snow, sleet, ice, and freezing temperatures.  But it’s the combination of all these elements that will create dangerous conditions this weekend.

The foot of snow from earlier this week – when in combination with the sleet, freezing rain, and more rain on top of the snow, many areas could see some flooding. This is particularly bad when existing creeks and bodies of water are frozen.  Normally the waterways would be able to take in the precipitation, but rescue crews have an eye on these areas and are preparing for the worse.

Ballard County Emergency Management Director, Travis Holder says most people know what roads to avoid, but they’re ready to be called out to any location. Holder says almost everyone will be affected by the bad winter weather.

Clayton Creek he says is one of the most dangerous spots in the county. Holder says whenever it rains, the roadway is generally underwater. Holder says, “I’ve seen water well over a foot through here and its a rushing water, not a still. It’s very dangerous through here.”

So given the week of winter weather, he’s expecting a frozen creek to flood, “Whatever we get we are ready to respond,” says Holder.

Ballard County is prepared with barricades to block off roads, and have 10-12 volunteer units on standby Friday night and through the weekend..
Holder say he hopes people try to stay off the roads to make their jobs easier if they need to respond to any situation.

Ballard County also made the decision to implement a curfew earlier in the week. Holder says they put the curfew in place to keep people safe, and if that proves to be the case this time, they wont hesitate to do so.

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