Getting back to learning

As if the damage wasn’t enough to deal with many parents are struggling to get their kids back in the swing of things after nearly a week’s worth of snow days.

But teachers and parents plan to get back to learning.

School hallways normally filled with students are empty for the sixth snow day in a row.

Tammy Wilson teaches first grade at Hendron Lone Oak Elementary School. Wilson says the curriculum is dense, “We do a lot of things in one day and it’s just so complex compared to what it used to be a long time ago .”

Although Wilson treasures her job as a teacher, she says her second job as a mother takes precedence, “As a parent it’s been nice to spend that quality time and not be rushing around.”

So Wilson multitasks, making sure her kindergartner, Brock continues to learn even when there’s snow, “The main thing as a parent, is you’re snowed in but have something to read.”

Scrabble is one of the ways Wilson incorporates learning with fun. The simple board game reinforces spelling, reading, and math skills.

Principal, Jon Reid says second to student’s safety is learning, “Our teachers will assess the core standards and information that needs to be taught and squeeze the timeline,” Reid says.

But until school reopens, recess will stay in session.

Besides getting back to the curriculum- Reid says one of their priorities is student wellness. Some students probably haven’t been getting regular meals– so they’ll make sure those 2 free meals are ready.

When getting back to school, teachers will prioritize their material. If they’re caught up at the end of the year by review time, many will cover the missed material then.

McCracken County Schools will run one hour late on Tuesday.

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