Marijuana dispensary owner opens up about plans, qualifications

The state of Illinois has awarded licenses to grow and sell medicinal marijuana, but what do we really know about the individuals running these companies in our own back yard?

A medicinal marijuana dispensary called Terra Herbal Health will be located near the Williamson County Airport in the old Illinois Department of Employment Services building.

“We should be open in June this year for our medical cannabis dispensary,” said owner Brian Fox.

With years in pharmaceutical sales, and a St. Louis doctor as a partner, Brian Fox says he has what it takes to run a safe, successful dispensary.

“Our primary focus is the medical cannabis, but we do believe that we can offer massage therapy, yoga classes, and educational services as our priorities,” said Fox. “We’re going to have a sterile, clean environment, with top level staff.”

Eight to ten full time employees will staff the state of the art facility, which is aimed at helping patients with a variety of serious illnesses.

“There’s a lot of people out there who need relief from a variety of conditions and they’re given prescriptions that can damage and do so many things to their bodies that they don’t need,” said Fox. “We can offer them medical cannabis that can get them off all of these other drugs and get them on the right path.”

In addition to getting to know their patients and their individual needs Fox says the dispensary will be a good steward to the community by giving some profits back to local charities.

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