Proposed tuition increase for Murray State students

A couple dozen students spent their Wednesday night listening to a lesson of economics. Unfortunately, the reality is that their tuition could be going up again.

Dr. Robert Davies hosted the forum to talk about tuition and mandatory fees and about a potential plan to raise them. He said his philosophy is to keep tuition as low as possible, but to maintain the highest quality of education. Quality he said, is expensive. 

Vice President Jacklyn Dudley broke down the budget for the students. The total she said is $131 million. Eighty percent is salaries and wages. Fifty six percent of the budget comes from students. The state chips in $48 million. 

The plan proposes to raise tuition 3% for undergrads and 5% for graduate students. That means an in-state student will pay $108 more per semester and out-of-students will pay $300.

Tuition does not cover housing, dining, or the bookstore. 

Students who attended the forum said they were prepared to hear the worst, but were surprised to hear the hike wasn’t as steep as they thought. Dr. Davies said he’s happy to hear that because the students do have a say. 

“If there was backlash, if there was a lot of individuals saying this was too much, or presented a different issue, that would have been something we would take back,” said Davies. 

The plan will be presented to the Board of Regents Friday and voted on at that time. 

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