Local doctor compassionate towards medical marijuana patients

14,000 people statewide with conditions like cancer, AIDS, or glaucoma have already been approved for Illinois medical marijuana pilot program, but many are finding it increasingly difficult to get their doctor to sign off on recommendation forms.

Pied Pfeifer Compassionate Care is just like any other doctor’s office.

“We deal with every diagnosis from cancer, to blood pressure medicine,” said Stephanie Dalton.

Office Director Stephanie Dalton says the patient list at Pied Pfeifer is rapidly growing.

“We accept new patients for primary care, and we accept patients for the medical marijuana program,” said Dalton

To be eligible for the program you must have a qualifying condition, and then fill out a ten page packet which is signed by the doctor and sent to the state for final approval.

“There are patients that are coming to us from four hours away because they don’t have a physician that’s going to sign for them,” said Dalton.

While Dr. Bodo Schneider can’t sign off on any marijuana prescriptions.

“There’s no such thing as a medicinal marijuana prescription,” said Dalton.

Dr. Schneider is helping patients apply for the card needed to get their medicine from the dispensary.

“We’re trying to get patients away from all of the narcotic use,” said Dalton.

The Pied Pfeifer staff is also guiding patients on proper use of their new equipment.

“They don’t need to go in and grab one because the name sounds good,” said Dalton. “They need to be educated on which strain truly will help them with their debilitating medical condition. You don’t have to get a strain with THC in it, because THC is what gets you high.”

Dr. Schneider is only at Pied Pfeifer on Thursday and Friday.

Dr. Schneider’s staff uses the Illinois prescription monitoring website to ensure that none of their patients are abusing medical marijuana, or any other prescriptions.

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