Preparing for spring severe weather

The snow is still melting, but emergency management crews in western Kentucky are already talking spring severe weather at the Square Deal Fire Department near Hopkinsville.

Rick Shanklin with NOAA in Paducah said colder than normal temperatures could mean less thunderstorms in March, but we still need to prepare for April – a month, typically bringing the most severe weather to our area, like floods or tornadoes.

“We are in the mindset of all this cold and snow in the area and not in the mindset of the potential for severe thunderstorms,” Shanklin said.

Shanklin said families need to have a tornado shelter plan, an evacuation plan, and a set place to meet if their family is ever separated.

“You’ve got to be prepared to take action if severe weather threatens,” Shanklin said.

It’s important to have a basic emergency kit with things like a flashlight, first aid kit, and tools. For a full list click here.

“Of course non-perishable food in case you’re without electricity. You need to think about medical supplies. If you are on prescription drugs do I have enough, there’s a major snow storm coming,” Shanklin said.

He said when you listen to weather warnings and have a set plan it makes a real difference during emergencies.

One of the top pieces of advice from NOAA is to find a way get weather warnings 24-7. That can be with your cell phone or a weather radio.

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