Defense motions to withdraw from Griffith trial

Keith Griffith’s lawyers say they can’t represent the man accused of killing his wife and setting their home on fire.

Mark Bryant filed a motion to withdraw from the case last Thursday. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for next week, so the case is likely to go to trial again. But the law firm says they don’t have the time to devote to it.

The motion says in part, “We cannot ignore our many other clients who have to stand in line while this case is re-tried.”

Attorney, Emily Roark says, “You can only do that so long with one law office, or it sucks you dry and it takes away from all your other clients and that’s what we can’t do any more. It was an honor to represent Mr. Griffith.”

The last line of the motion mentions payment. It says Griffith doesn’t have enough money to hire them for a second trial. This means Griffith will be appointed a public defender unless he chooses to employ another private defender.

Roark says it’s hard to estimate how many months this could delay the trial. Regardless, they’ll swap notes with Griffith’s next defender to help get them up to speed. One thing Roark’s certain of is Griffith’s innocence. She says, “Mr. Griffith has been completely and totally definite on one thing from the moment I talked to him- which was the Friday night he came out from the 4-6 hour interview with the Sheriff, I was the first person to talk to him and that’s that he had nothing to do with the death of his wife and he has never wavered from that from that point until now.”

In terms of Griffith’s new representation, Will Kautz from the Edward and Kautz Law Firm says he has talked with Griffith about the possibility of representing him.

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Raymond McGee says they Griffith finding representation won’t delay the re-trial much, but they expect it will be at least six months before they’re back in a courtroom for a new trial.

In another motion filed, the issue of demolishing the Griffith’s Reidland home will go back before the court. The county attorney filed the motion.

In November, Judge Tim Kaltenbach ordered the home remain standing in case more evidence or testimony came out during the trial.

You can read the full Motion to Withdraw by clicking here. 

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