Warming centers open to shelter against cold

The snow has stopped falling, but not the temperatures. It is dangerously close outside and it’s getting worse.

Warming centers across the Local 6 area are doing their best to accommodate as many people as possible.

Lighthouse Shelter Director Sharon Atchison says the shelter in nearing capacity and the volunteers are busy in the kitchen.

“All of our residents have been in house because they really can’t get out and search because of the weather,” said Atchison.

To stay busy, Joseph Alexander has decided to be of help.

“I’ve been helping around the Lighthouse Shelter, cleaning the sidewalks, mopping the floors, buffing the floors, whatever they ask me to do, I’ll go ahead and do it,” said Alexander.

He says he is just grateful to have a roof over his head.

Atchison says the heater is running on high in the lobby.

Even if beds fill up, she’ll bring people in the common area to escape the cold.

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