Downtown Paducah business owners digging out

Downtown business owner Scott Devillez spent hours Friday morning scooping up the snow that surrounded the entrance to his shoe store.

“Some people join a health club, I shovel snow,” he said with a smile.

All kidding aside, the snow is freezing his business.  He shut down for 3 days.  “People just don’t get out so it had been affected,” Devillez said of the snow.

Jeremiah’s Antique Mall owner Allyson Humphrey is getting ready for Saturday.

“That’s our busiest day of the week,” she said while shoveling out from the snow.  The weather and the slippery sidewalk are keeping her from opening.  She was closed all week.

“Oh, it’s killing us because we really can’t be open in these types of conditions,” Humphrey said.

They are just two downtown owners hoping not only for a change in temperature, but a change in pace.

“It’s not fun, but luckily we don’t have it very often,” she said.

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