Drivers traveling long distances concerned about others on the road

There is less snow on the roads, but you still new to be extra cautious and slow down. The danger this afternoon – black ice.  While the sunshine is really helping to improve road conditions, drivers say it is not so much the weather they are worried about, but other people out on the road.

Rachel Euyrich hit the road just as day broke.

“My fiance and I just purchased a house and he headed down there before me to close the deal and my job was to bring everything with. Lucky me,” said Euyrich.

She is not only driving the distance alone, but pulling a large load behind her.

“When you’re pulling weight behind you, you have to give yourself extra stopping distance because otherwise you are really going to slide, all that weight is going to push you,” said Euyrich.

Several hours down, but a long 12-hour drive ahead of her.

“Take your time, expect delays and be safe, wear your seat belt and slow down,” said Euyrich.

Make sure if you absolutely have to get out on the roads, you are cautious of the black ice.

If you are traveling today, you might want to write down this number, 1-877-367-5982.  That is the number to Kentucky’s Safe Patrol Unit.  They can provide basic emergency assistance to stranded drivers in our area.

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