Interstate problems persist

A combination of extra crews, salt, and sun helped to get traffic moving again earlier today. But there are still more concerns if you choose to go out and drive tonight and into the weekend.

Traffic in Livingston County is moving more freely right now, but crews say we’re not in the clear. Drivers and tow truckers think this is the last of the tows out of the snow and ice.

But crews are working against tonight’s deadline, 4:00 p.m., when the melting snow on the road will begin to turn to ice. It’s the same black ice that tends to hide under underpasses during the day, sneaking up on unsuspecting drivers. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Spokesperson Keith Todd says it was a deadly combination of winter elements and crashes that made the I-24 snarl up last longer than most planned for. Todd says that’s all they’ve been working on the past three days, “Somebody will get in a crash, have a breakdown, next thing you know it’s blocked, again traffic backed up 6 miles we get it open.”

However, he says Kentucky is fortunate to have the extra set of wheels and chains from the National Guard. The Guard pulled a trailer truck from the shoulder almost 12 miles.

While the weekend forecast is for warmer temperatures, between freezing temperatures and black ice tonight- officials say you need to drive with extra caution.

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