Graves County Sheriff: Deputies almost walked into ambush

Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon says some of his deputies almost walked into an ambush on Tuesday when they went to a home on West Broadway in Mayfield.

Redmon says the deputies were dispatched the home to take 53-year-old Luis Torres back to jail. Torres was out on bond but the person who provided the bond decided to revoke it.

When deputies got to the home, Torres came out the back door and threw a can of pet food at a cruiser before running back into the home.

Torres then allegedly grabbed some Marijuana and began eating it. He then ran out the front door into the arms of a deputy about to knock on the door. Torres was detained and placed into a cruiser.

Other officers arrived and the Mayfield Police Department told the deputies that they had dealt with Torres the night before and that he made some comments that may be cause for concern.

Because of those comments the deputies decided to check the house.

Inside they found numerous firearms. In a rear bedroom an assault rifle was propped up near an open window while another sniper rifle was set up in the floor.

A second assault rifle was found in another bedroom and a pistol was found in the window sill in the laundry room.

A final pistol was found in the living room and ammunition was found in several locations in the home.

Redmon says the department believes that Torres was setting up for an ambush but that the deputies arrived before he was ready.

Torres was taken to the Graves County Jail. He is charged with:

– Tampering with Physical Evidence
– Fleeing and Evading Police 1st Degree on Foot
– Possession of Synthetic Drugs
– Possession of Marijuana
– Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

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