Remains of Korean War vet who died in 1951 finally brought home

Draped in the colors of his country he fought and died for, the remains of Private 1st Class Anthony Massey are now back in the care of his family 64 years after his death.

He died in a prison camp in North Korea at age 21.  His body was found last year.

“I never gave up hope,” his aunt Lennie Simmons told Local 6.

Simmons and her family followed him home from Nashville, Tennessee to Mayfield.  Flags and strangers greeted the procession along the way.

“I just happened to be close by and feel like it was the last I could do.  Take a few minutes out of my day to show respect,” said Chris Samples.

“I have a lot for respect for our military.  Takes special people to be able to do that and give us out freedom we’ve got and I appreciate it,” said Brent Hargrove.

Members of the Patriot Guard also paid their respects – a somber homecoming for a man who Simmons said laid down his life so she could live hers.  “Sorry of the circumstances that he had to die over there but he done it for his country.  That makes me proud,” Simmons said.

A proud family that plans to honor their loved one by burying him next to his mother who Simmons said never gave up hope to see her son brought home.  “I can’t cry because I’m so happy,” she said.

Massey’s funeral will be at Byrn Funeral Home on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 2:00 PM.

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