I Am Local 6: Donna Collier and Jeff Beach, Hydrotherapy for dogs

If you are a dog owner, your pet becomes your family.  Sometimes, your furry friend gets severely injured. There is a husband and wife team that is using water to rehabilitate man’s best friend.

For the past fifteen years, Donna Collier and Jeff Beach have trained and housed dogs.  They dipped into hydrotherapy one month ago to help their aging clientele.  Hydrotherapy is something new for the husband and wife duo of Stone Creek Kennels.

“I was along the for the ride.  It was good.  Had no problem with it at all,” said Beach.

One small dog recovers from paralysis stemming from a spinal cord injury.  Collier and her assistant, Nicole Aucion, help the dog, Pedro, learn to walk again by using water.

“When you first look at them, you can’t feel sorry for them because that’s how you help them,” Said Collier.

Once a tank is filled with warm water, the jets are turned on.

“That’s what gets everything going, he starts feeling that, and that’s what’s helped his feeling come back,” said Collier.

The buoyancy of the water relieves the weigh put on the legs which is easier on a dog with a serious injury.

“We help the dog condition,” said Beach.

The swimming is a warm up.  The jets really stimulates those muscles. When the treads are turned on, that starts the workout.

“The benefits well out weigh the challenges,” said Collier.

After working out on the treads, there is a mandatory cool down and stretch before treats.  The payoff comes when Pedro is able to make those steps toward being a dog again.

“We were all teary-eyed. Very emotional for the whole staff because we were all involved in his care,” said Collier.

After a few more weeks, Pedro will be ale to shake it off and put his injury behind him.

Stone Creek Kennels treat arthritic dogs ad canine athletes. There is a waiting list for the hydrotherapy, but Collier and Beach try their best to treat the dogs recovering from injury first.  For more information, you may visit their fan page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stone-Creek-Kennels-and-Pet-Resort/469701559752921

If you know of a group or organization helping less fortunate animals, you may contact Tori Shaw at tshaw@wpsdlocal6.com.  You may also contact Tori via Facebook: facebook.com/torishawofficial  and Twitter @TShawWPSD.

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