Explaining Murray’s human rights ordinance update

The Human Rights Commission in Murray, Kentucky is trying to explain an update to their human rights ordinance as clearly as possible.

They’re working on flyers to hand out in the community explaining through question answer format what they ordinance update would entail.

The update would add protections to LGBTQ people in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

HRC chair Jody Randall said it may not seem like Murray has these problems, but it’s because there’s no mechanism to report any LGBTQ discrimination.

“Those people that may not see it on a daily basis I want them to understand how underrepresented these people feel,” Randall said.

The HRC proposed an update to the ordinance in November, but a large response from both sides at the city council meeting led the HRC to pull it from the city agenda to further it explain it in the community.

“We were surprised that there were so many objections in the community,” Shoemaker said.

HRC member and council women Jane Shoemaker said council members received hundreds of emails.

“We are elected to listen and read all those emails and be concerned about it and take their concerns to heart,” Shoemaker said.

Shoemaker said there’s nothing wrong with either side, but as an HRC member she wanted to find a way to clarify the revisions.

“We’re never going to all agree, but is there a way to disagree, but still be respectful of other people’s rights and opinions,”

Randall said creating a flyer is a way to explain that they only want basic human rights of every citizen of Murray.

The HRC plans to hold a business and community training in May to answer any more questions and provide scenarios of how the ordinance would work.

Randall said they’ll release the flyers as soon as the revisions are added.

Kentucky cities that have passed anti-discrimination policies include Convington, Frankfort, Lexington, Louisville, and Vicco.

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