March is national nutrition month

March is national nutrition month and in today’s society, good nutrition is more important than ever.  At least four of the ten leading causes of death in the United States – heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes – are directly related to the way we eat.

The keys to good nutrition: balance, variety and moderation. Local 6’s Mychaela Bruner spoke with a local woman who got her life back by eating healthy.

“There’s no magic pill, no drink, it’s eating healthy,” said Amie Tooley.

In June of last year, mom of three, Tooley decided it was time for her to make a change.

“I finally decided that I wanted to be healthy. It certainly took a lot of changes in our life style, but as a result I’ve lost almost 70 pounds,” said Tooley.

An amazing transformation all due to a healthy lifestyle.

“Increasing your vegetable intake is critical, increasing your water intake is critical, start small and ditching sodas and pick up the water instead, getting your body hydrating would go a long way to get you on that path to healthiness,” said Tooley.

Nutritionist Sandra Farthing suggests starting simple.

“Make your plate colorful,” said Farthing.

Farthing recommends pairing healthy eating choices with exercising.

“If you can work on one whole month of healthy habits maybe they will stick.  Just remember it is the portion sizes, it’s calories that count, so make them good calories,” said Farthing.

Eating healthy has made such an impact on Tooley that she is now a health and wellness coach. For more information on recipes or to contact Tooley, click here.

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