Preliminary hearing exposes details in local baby death

A six-month-old boy is dead, and his father is charged with creating the circumstances that caused him harm. Wednesday, John Mikulich was in Marshall County District Court for a preliminary hearing where a judge decided not to lower his bond so that he could be part of the funeral planning process. The hearing also helped explain more about what happened the day the baby was found drowning in a bath tub.

On March 14th, Hilldale apartment complex in Hardin, Kentucky, was the scene of what Mikulich’s attorney called a tragic accident. He said, “My client may, ultimately, have some regrets of things that happened that day, but I don’t think my client, in any way, had anything to do with death or harm coming to this child.”

During the hearing, Detective Lieutenant Matt Hilbrecht with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office testified and said Mikulich admitted to taking drugs and looked intoxicated the day of the incident. “Essentially, they’re accusing my client of being under the influence while caring for the child,” said defense attorney Jamie Jameson.

There could be more serious charges coming based on autopsy results and hospital records showing the baby’s skull was fractured, and his neck was bruised. “The injuries to the child could have happened a lot of ways, and actually did not have to occur that day. They could have occurred in the past,” Jameson said.

The sheriff’s investigation isn’t over. Detective Lt. Hilbrecht said they are looking at other suspects to help them figure out how the baby died and who is responsible.

Judge Jack Telle said he would not reduce Mikulich’s bond Wednesday, because of the serious nature of this case. After the autopsy results are in, that evidence will be presented to a grand jury. New charges could come at that time.

Mikulich is scheduled to be back in Marshall County Circuit Court for an arraignment on April 20th.

The child’s mother sent us a statement. It reads, “In this time of turmoil, on behalf of this family, we ask that prayers and love continue to be lifted in the memory of our precious baby. We ask that all respect our time to grieve and our privacy specifically due to the severity and nature of which his death occurred. We are still in shock that the events of that night even happened and are now having to deal with the inconsolable pain of his loss. This is a situation we would not wish any family to have to endure and pray that no one ever will. Know that our tiny angel could never have been loved more by his mother, family, and friends. He was and will remain the brightest light in all of our lives and hearts. We thank all in advance for their continued love and support in this time of sadness.”

There is a GoFundMe page set up to help the family with medical and funeral expenses.

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