Police need help identifying man

UPDATE: The Poplar Bluff Police Department says it has received several calls positively identifying the man. Investigators will try to speak with him about the complaint. The owner of the truck is not the person of interest. The truck’s owner told police the man was test-driving the vehicle. 

Poplar Bluff police want to talk with a man who claimed to be security for a local store.

A woman told police she was leaving the Hobby Lobby on North Westwood Boulevard when a man approached her.

The man said he was store security and told her that if she stole anything she should give it to him. When the woman suggested he call the police, he left and walked into a nearby convenience store.

Hobby Lobby management says the man is not an employee at their store.

Police say they want to speak with the man. Anyone with information is asked to call the Poplar Bluff Police Department at (573) 686-8649.

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