Teaching all students under one roof

The Christian Fellowship Elementary School performed their internationally- themed assembly Friday night. It served as a small thank you to the community, church, and parents who attended. Because for the first time in 15 years, all their elementary school students are in one building.

According to the US Census, private school enrollment numbers have declined for the past decade, but the numbers at Christian Fellowship are defying those standards, and celebrating their growth with new classrooms.
Thee newest building on campus at the school took about 15 years worth of work, but all their students are finally under one roof.

Teachers say finally getting to teach students in these classrooms is a long-time dream- realized. Pastor and parent, Richie Clendenen says he was always nervous when his kids would walk to and from these temporary classrooms, “kids were spread out all over campus.” Now he says he’s relieved they finally have a secure place to learn, and learn together.

$600,000 later, Principal and Administrator Bill Rowley says everyone- from school staff to kids are excited about a new building. He says, “to have the facility, which is brand new and anything new is always shiny and its exciting and the kids are just delighted, the teachers are delighted.”

Using a new roof to not only house students, but to help continue a growing program motivated by faith, “we’re just so privileged to have the opportunity every day to teach to train, to be examples for to mentor to be able to pray, to teach the Bible.”

But what to do with the modules or temporary classrooms? The school hopes to sell them to help with the next stage of construction. The school has doubled its program in the past five years with 118 students in the elementary school.

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