Workshop held for laid off hospital workers

Workers laid off when Parkway Regional Hospital in Fulton shut its doors for good overnight had an opportunity to get help in their job search on Wednesday.

The Purchase Area Development District (PADD) hosted a post layoff workshop for those employees at the Fulton Health Department.

The goal was to help those workers sign up for health insurance and search for a new job.

“They do have skills, and they have something to offer,” Mary Anne Medlock, Special Projects Coordinator with PADD, told Local 6 Wednesday. “I do believe there are employers out there who are gonna’ be eager to hire them.” 

There is a second workshop on Thursday at the Mayfield Career Center, 319 South 7th Street. It runs from 2-4 p.m. If you have questions about that workshop, you can call 270-247-3857.

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