Warm weather brings out bugs

 Chances are the warmer weather has had you considering opening your windows to let in fresh air, but it cal also be an open invitation for bugs, too. 

Patrick Perry, of Perry Pest Control, admits he sees a little bit of everything, but these days he’s seeing a lot of the same. Ants, beetles, and wasps are at their worst right now. 

If ants are in your house, Perry says they’re likely “sweet ants”, given the name because when they’re squashed they smell like rotten coconuts. He said they require treatment of some kind because once one knows how to get in, it leaves behind a path for thousands to find. 

“They’re so well adapted to living with humans that that’s why they are persistent and hard to get rid of,” he said. “Most of the ants trailing out and about, they say, only represent about 10% of the whole ant population.”

Also seen in large numbers, beetles. Recognizable as looking like yellow lady bugs, Perry says the treatment for them really happens in the Fall. If you have them in your house now, it’s because they’ve been there all winter and the warmer weather has them moving again. 

“They don’t know which way is outside,” he said. “They just know they’re coming out.” Perry admits, most people don’t like to hear it, but the best treatment is to just vacuum them up.

“It may not be that the bugs hurt anything, but we don’t want them in here,” he said.  

Most people don’t want to be hurt by wasps, but there’s a good chance there are some starting to swarm. Perry says keep an eye on their nests.

“If you get started on them early and not let the nest get just totally huge, it’s a good idea,” he said. 

Finally, Perry said sometimes you don’t need pesticides to keep bugs from getting in. Sometimes, he said, you just need to close up the cracks they’re using with caulk. 

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