Clerks, candidates make last minute preps for election day

We are just a day away from the polls opening in Illinois and Missouri for the municipal elections, and some of the political battles are expected to come down to the wire.

“Your vote matters, and this is the election that affects you the most,” said Williamson County Clerk Amanda Barnes.

After Carbondale incumbent Mayor Don Monty decided not to seek re-election, Councilwoman Jane Adams and local business owner John Mike Henry are squaring off to become the next mayor.

“I think this election is about the future of the city, and are we going to focus on our neighborhoods and make Carbondale the most beautiful wonderful place to live in southern Illinois,” said Jane Adams.

“As soon as I’m elected, if that’s the way it turns out, I’m going to start taking a hard look at our budget, which will get passed right before the new officials take office in Carbondale,” said John Mike Henry.

In Marion, 52-year incumbent Mayor Bob Butler is taking on two challengers: Ann Colborn and Charles Montgomery.

However, before you cast your vote for any of the three, Barnes says there is one thing you should know.

“The last election you were able to come into my office and register to vote on election day, but that law won’t take effect now until next year,” said Barnes.

There is a change that you need to be aware of before you get in the booth. John W. Sanders will appear on the ballot for John A. Logan Trustee, but he has withdrawn from the election.

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