Local boy puts his own spin on Tater Day float

Folks in Marshall County, Kentucky, have been coming together for 172 years for all the food and fun associated with Tater Day. One local boy put a unique spin on a float in the Tater Day parade.

Chayton Bunting is an active boy. He has a fascination with model cars and an interest in cardboard. Chayton looks like any other nine year old boy, but at age four his mom, Jennifer Bunting, said he was diagnosed with autism.

“We always knew something since the day he was born, he had a lot of differences,” said Bunting.

Autism is a developmental disorder that impairs social interactions, communication and behavior.  About a month ago, Bunting said Chayton came to her with a big idea.

“He was really excited that Tater Day was coming up, he wanted to ride in the parade. He said ‘hey momma, let’s do an autism float,'” said Bunting.

Piece by piece, his family is put together a float to raise awareness about autism.

“I’m hoping someday it’ll bring more doctors into the area. More kids at the school will understand when they see him in the hallways and accept him better,” said Bunting.

Surrounded by a supportive family that is on a mission to educate others about Chayton’s disability.

This year’s theme for the Tater Day parade is ‘Remember our Troops.’  April is Autism awareness month.

Many people with autism have unusual ways of learning, paying attention or reacting to sensations. In most cases, its causes are unknown. Today, 1 in 100 individuals are affected.

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