Thousands turn out for municipal elections

Thousands of votes are already in for the municipal election, but it appears some changes in the election process have cost some people their ability to vote.

For voters like Bobby Morris, the inability to register on Election Day has kept his voice temporarily silenced.

“As a taxpayer in Marion, I don’t think it’s fair that you’ve got the right to raise my taxes and I have no say so on who’s going to be the mayor or anything,” said Morris. “That is not right!”

Despite Morris’s concerns, Williamson County Clerk Amanda Barnes says things have been surprisingly quiet on what is typically one of her busiest days of the year.

“I haven’t heard too much, which is a good thing,” Barnes said. “I think there has been a better turnout in Marion than in Herrin.”

Marion Mayoral Candidate Ann Colborn hopes the large turnout turns out in her favor.

“Not to say that Mr. Butler has not done a good job, but I just think it’s time for a new set of eyes, new blood, new energy, and new vision,” Colborn said.

Marion Mayor Bob Butler says his vision has only gotten better after 52-years in office.

“If you like the way government is going, you should vote,” Butler said. “If you don’t like the way government is going, you should vote. There is no excuse not to vote.”

WPSD 6 tried to reach out to Charles Montgomery, who is the third candidate in the Marion mayoral race, but has yet to hear back from him for comment.

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