Communities making progress on potholes

Communities all over the Local 6 area are still battling potholes, but most report progress. 

Paducah City Engineer Rick Murphy told Local 6 they’re making the switch from cold patching pot holes to a more permanent solution. Asphalt plants open at the beginning of April, so now they have that option. 

According to Road Superintendent Ron Allbritten in Murray, the city has spent about $16,000 on road repairs so far this year. He said they take a different approach, though, because they don’t use temporary patches first. 

In Graves County, Judge Executive Jesse Perry said 10 to 12 members of their road crew are out at any given point patching potholes. Because they have to move quickly to cover the more than 650 miles of county roads, they’re using the quick solution of cold patches. They do have plans to more to more permanent solutions in the coming weeks. 

“Once the weather does break we’ll start in with putting some materials on the road, chip and seal, whether it be some asphalt, whether it be dense grade, to just get through this,” he said. “With the ground so saturated, it’s going to have to do some drying out.” 

If you’d like to report a pothole, you should call your local road department. Or, if it’s on a state road, the state road department. 

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