I Am Local 6: Tiffany McCuan; Storm Shelter Next to Kitchen

 Spring severe weather season is in full swing. During a tornado warning, the best place to go is in a storm shelter or basement. Tiffany McCuan, of Bardwell, has a storm shelter in her home, so she is ready to go underground at any moment.

A storm approaches the Carlisle County home on top of the hill.  The newly built structure is equipped with five rooms, four and a half baths, and a storm shelter next to the kitchen.

“I wanted something to feel safe about,” McCuan said.

A few years ago, McCuan and her family lost everything in a house fire. When rebuilding their new home, McCuan knew she needed to be prepared for severe weather but didn’t want to get out in it to get underground.

“I just can’t picture yanking my kids out of bed and running out in the backyard,” McCuan said.

Before the walls of their new home went up, the storm shelter went in.

“They had to take the storm shelter and place it exactly where the staircase would be in the house before the house was ever built,” McCuan said.

Placing a storm shelter in the middle of your home does have its risks.  If a tornado is strong enough, it could cause the house to fall on top of the shelter, but the McCuans have a plan in place if that were to happen.

“All friends, family and dispatch are aware that we have it,” McCuan said.

The storm shelter is equipped with electricity and air vents just in case the McCuans have to wait to be rescued. It’s peace of mind after a new beginning.

“When you’ve lost everything you’ve had, every little bit that you can do means a lot. Every little bit helps,” McCuan said.

It pays to be prepared because who takes shelter inside is priceless.  

The storm shelter can seat up to 21 people, so not only can the McCuans protect themselves, but also a family that lives close by. McCuan said her passion for preparedness kicked in after having children.

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