What the Tech: streaming “Star Wars” and the Facebook messenger website

In a galaxy far, far away called the ’70s, we could watch “Star Wars” on a VCR, laser disc player or in theaters, but now, 40 years after the original, “Star Wars” officially enters the future.

For the first time, all six “Star Wars” movies will be available on streaming services, or video on demand. You’ll be able to purchase the entire Star Wars collection in the Google Play store, iTunes, Amazon and Vudu.

Most people seemed to hate it at first but, now that Facebook messenger has its own website, that opinion may change. At messenger.com, Facebook has taken all the other Facebook stuff and set it aside. All you have here is messenger, just like with the mobile app.

You’ll be able to make a call and a video call within the website. 

Facebook messenger may be filling a need that we all didn’t realize we had.

So I can keep my eyes on my Facebook messages, watch some “Star Wars” while i wait up to buy my Apple Watch.

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