Car runs into AT&T store in Paducah

Paducah police say no one was injured, but the building was damaged when a car drove into the AT&T store near Kentucky Oaks Mall in Paducah Monday morning.

Paducah resident Elizabeth Johnson, 20, was headed west when police say she passed through the intersection by the main entrance to Kentucky Oaks Mall, veered left, and crossed the west-bound lanes into the parking lot of the AT&T store at 5021 Hinkleville Road. The car hit the building, causing “substantial damage” to the structure, an air conditioning unit, and natural gas pipes. The crash caused a gas leak. 

Police say Johnson told Officer Derek Perry she had no idea what happened, and the last thing she recalled was driving through the intersection. Johnson was uninjured, but was taken by Mercy Regional EMS to Lourdes hospital to be examined. 

The Paducah Fire Department shut off gas to the damaged pipes, and authorities contacted Atmos Energy and a representative from AT

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